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Helen Beer sells for a living, as a sales engineer for an industrial foundry–not a bad gig for an English major/Russian history minor. She’s had success in short story contests, with multiple placements in both Moondance Film Festival and the Screencraft Cinematic Short Story competitions. She’s had two feature screenplays reach the quarterfinal rounds of both Scriptapalooza and Screencraft’s drama category. Her prose and poetry has appeared in Literary Potpourri, FRiGG, Typishly, Flash Fiction Magazine, Persimmon Tree, The First Line, 101 Words, Sky Island Journal, STORGY Magazine, Haunted Waters Press, The Write Launch, Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal, Prometheus Dreaming, and Defenestration, with an upcoming nonfiction piece in the Nervous Ghost Press anthology, “Writing for Life” (7-7-20). When not working or writing, she enjoys the Zen-like tranquility afforded by time spent riding her horse and mucking stalls.



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